What is NLP?


NLP is simply the most exciting, most effective tool I’ve seen for helping us to stop sabotaging ourselves and begin reaching our most awesome dreams! It’s amazingly fast, it’s easy, and it’s effective… what more can you ask? (And I’ve been in the business of helping people overcome their self-imposed limitations for more than 30 years… and I’ve studied human behavior, and what “gets in our way” MUCH longer than that!)

But for those of you truly interested in the Scientific approach of “what is it?”; “how does it work?” “will it work for me?”; you’ll want to keep reading below:

                                            NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro = of the Mind;

Linguistic = Language;

Programming = repeatable patterns; Replacing undesirable patterns with patterns of successful, productive actions. 

What does that mean? NLP studies speech patterns and non-verbal patterns such as eye movements and body language, and helps us get to know how people think and learn. NLP is the language of the mind. It’s a specific language and set of techniques that speaks to your subconscious mind, the part of your mind that stores your patterns, both effective patterns and destructive or self-sabotaging patterns. All of these patterns were created to protect or serve you in some constructive manner, but when the need for some of them disappeared, long ago, the pattern didn’t… and what’s left is no longer helpful. What’s left most often are roadblocks to your success. With the use of NLP we can easily help you to modify or replace them with patterns that work FOR you.

NLP was developed by a computer programmer and a linguist, who set out to find the therapists who were getting the most effective, most phenomenal results, at helping their patients solve their problems. The methods these therapists were using were then replicated and tested for effectiveness. Each method or technique was then tweaked, testing this aspect and that to see if every element was necessary for the desired result or if “this” element was an idiosyncrasy of the therapist. In this manner, the most effective techniques were culled from the best of the best of the therapists and pared down to the steps necessary for success.


NLP has a whole assortment of the most effective tools and techniques possible to eliminate self-defeating strategies, to create wonderful, constructive strategies, to perform better, and re-write your future history! These tools can completely remove or neutralize past negative programming and limiting beliefs that otherwise would hold people back from living their most joyful and productive possible lives. As Dr. Phil says, “the best predictor of the future is the past”…. Unless you do something to change your own patterns and strategies, and NLP can help you do this!






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October 3, 2012

Excellent information on NLP, it answered a lot of my questions, thank you

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