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Why be chained to your cigarettes? Let us help you break the habit forever with no cravings. Our unique process has a 95%-97% success rate. We are so sure of our process that for the rare person that starts smoking again after going through our program we will give you another stop smoking session for free within one year of your stop smoking session.

Make your appointment today. There are only so many slots available, so be sure to get your spot before the time you want is filled. Call 951-488-9168 today.


If you’re tired of being a smoker, we have a powerful, cutting edge new method to help you stop easily, in one session.  This method has a 95 -97% success rate.

Stop letting cigarettes hold you back from a successful life

Stop letting cigarettes hold you back from a successful life

And look at this! We guarantee our work. Our Guarantee:  You leave our session as a non-smoker and any time within a year of your session, if you should need reinforcement we will give you another stop smoking session at no charge.

This is a guarantee for a no-charge return session. (We do not offer refunds, as you do have responsibility for your own actions).



Why Stop Smoking?

Both Bruce and Tracy are former smokers. We smoked for more than 30 years, each. We know it’s a hard decision to make. We want to help you, permanently and as effortlessly as possible. We’ve taken extensive training to make this as easy on you as possible. Still, hypnosis is not a magic pill. You have to really commit, you need to really WANT to stop smoking. But when you do really want to stop, come and see us. We want to help.

The benefits of quitting, when You Quit Smoking Permanently, You:

  • Feel better
  • Have Extra money in your pocket
  • Eating is more satisfying, because food tastes much better (AND it isn’t necessary to gain weight just because you stopped smoking!)
  • Skin looks much more healthy and vibrant
  • With your lungs clear, even BREATHING feels better!
  • No more smoker’s cough
  • Smoky smell gone forever
  • Improved Health – you can enjoy being active again!
  • Improved Sleep
  • No more burning holes in your favorite clothes!



  • No more burn holes in furniture
  • You’ll feel in control, with cigarettes no longer controlling you
  • Improvement in sexual enjoyment (smoking definitely has a negative impact on your sex life) it has been proven that just two cigarettes can cause problems for male smokers
picture of broken cigarette on top of American dollars

Cost of Smoking

Stop smoking NOW, and save all those dollars you have been spending, use that money to have some fun, to improve your future, to save your own life and the lives of those around you. What else could you do with all those dollars, once you stop burning them up?


After they have worked with us and no longer have the desire to smoke, many clients want to help their friends stop too. When we work with a friend or family member referred by you,
We give you a free Relaxation Hypnosis Session.
We also hold a Bonus Drawing Monthly for our clients who refer others.



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