Services and Classes


– We teach Hypnosis. Our Beginning Hypnosis Course starts in the next few weeks. This class is 4 hours, one day a week for 15 weeks available in the afternoon or evening. There is a required pre-class. (more information about the preclass when you come for your interview) There will also be labs to practice what you’ve learned. We expect the class to fill quickly. Space is LIMITED, Register TODAY so you don’t miss out!

The Level ONE class is 15 weeks, levels 2 and 3 are each 13 weeks. For you to get the full 50 hours required for certification, YOU MUST BE ON TIME for classes. Please arrive 15 minutes before each class.

In our courses:

  • You experience hypnosis, what it’s like to be hypnotized
  • You learn how to hypnotize others
  • You practice hypnosis one on one, so that when you’ve completed the course, you know HOW to work with others
  • You learn from the beginning of the process to the end. From the original phone call asking for help to walking them to the door at the end of the session
  • You learn many tools, modalities, protocols for different issues
  • You learn how to resolve many of your own issues as well as help others resolve their issues
  • You learn old-school, tried-and-true methods as well as the newest innovations
  • You learn the different generations of hypnosis
  • The history of hypnosis (so you can discuss hypnosis intelligently)
  • You learn what issues you can work with, and which issues you want to refer to a mental health professional or a medical doctor.


More information on our Level 1 Hypnosis Certification Course here:

– We teach Self Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation. 

– And we are now offering Access Bars Classes. Our Moreno Valley office is offering a one-day Bars Class in the near future and also in Huntington Beach. Email us here for our newest schedule or to reserve your space. Bring a friend! That way you’ll have someone to trade with. BUT, Class size is very limited, so reserve your spot early. We need to order manuals in advance, so we need along with your registration, either full payment ($300 if this is your first Bars class, or $150 if you’re re-taking the class) or a $50 deposit, in advance. Check back here often as we’re working on the upcoming month’s schedule right now, or call us if you are in a hurry for a class.  We will give you a special gift if you mention THIS website as being how you found us or tell us how you FIRST found us.

We teach Reiki. We teach you how to help yourself first and then help others to heal their lives, delete negativity, promote (or return to) good health and spiritual growth. We have the facilities for students to practice on each other, in labs between classes, in order to become proficient in this work. We offer students the opportunity to work with their clients in our offices, for a reasonable fee.


– We teach Past Life Regression and Between Lives Therapy to Hypnotists. For Hypnotherapists ONLY! : 2 day Past Life Regression class: Learn Past Life Regression and Between Lives Therapy using Hypnosis. Early Bird price $595.00. Full price is $695.00. There are only a few openings, so grab your spot right away! Email us here.

-If you’re NOT a hypnotist or hypnotherapist – Past Life Regression and Between Lives Therapy :2 day Past Life Regression workshop: Experience Past Life Regression and Between Lives Therapy using Hypnosis. Early Bird price $295.00. Full price is $395.00. These are great prices for more than one Past Life experience. Normally our price for ONE past life is $400. There are only a few openings, so grab your spot right away! Email us here.

– We hosted a Pranic Healing Level 1 Class in June 2014. This delightful class was taught by Kei Okubo. Let us know if you would like the class to be repeated at our location. 951-488-9168


– We teach Empaths. Does this sound familiar: Walking into a room and being bombarded with feelings, not knowing which thoughts or feelings are yours and which ones are NOT? We teach you how to Survive and Thrive as an Empath. We teach methods of turning your “radar” on and off, in order to function in the world without being overwhelmed all the time. Both Bruce and I know how it feels to be an empath. We Empaths have these traits in order to help our loved ones and others, so it is SO much better to be able to turn them off when not needed, and turn them ON when they can be used to help others.

– We also understand Highly Sensitive Persons. If you’ve never heard the term HSP or Highly Sensitive Person, check out Elaine Aron’s information on the subject. We have worked for a number of years to encourage HSP’s to FINALLY get comfortable in their own skin. You’re NOT weird, you’re normal as compared to 20% of the population. That’s 47 MILLION in the USA and over 1 BILLION on our planet. Elaine’s website is here

– We host a meetup group for Empaths. Look on here.

SESSIONS: Individual or group sessions- Start today to begin getting better results making your life work
  • Hypnosis
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Guided Imagery
  • NLP

                – NLP is: Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • EFT
  • Access Bars – Run Your Bars!
  • Release of Negative Emotions and Traumas
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Between Lives Therapy
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Reiki
  • Pranic Healing

                – Hands-on Reiki

                – Remote or Distant Reiki –               

                – We Teach and Attune students to Reiki 

                – Remote or Distant Pranic Healing




In Hands-on Reiki, the recipient remains fully clothed, and enjoys a very relaxing energy session.


About Hypnosis Sessions :

The problem or issue that you are seeking to solve, didn’t develop overnight. The techniques and modalities used at Hypnosis Care can have the power to create miraculous results in one or two sessions, but often take multiple sessions before the full results are seen. This is most often dependent upon the client deciding to trust the process and follow the guidance of the experienced practitioner as fully as possible. Issues are usually solved with our techniques in a very short time. Days or weeks rather than months or years that other modalities might take.

  • Phone sessions are available for some modalities after determining that the person will be able to benefit from phonework. It is necessary for the first session or two to be face to face. (The cost and ability to work at a distance can depend on the nature of the session. Discuss this with the hypnotist in advance.)

Email us HERE today to book your appointment.

We offer several alternate options for financing your classes or sessions. If this is an issue for you, let us know your circumstances and we will work to find a way to accommodate your need.


Past Life and Between Life Session Information and Charges:

These are my all-time favorite sessions. I’ve worked with literally hundreds of clients doing past life and between life work. I love it!

Each Past Life session includes: visiting a past life (sometimes more than one), and also experiencing the time between lifetimes. This between lifetime experience is often the portion of the session that clients find to be the most interesting and informative. Find out what you wanted to learn and experience in your current life. Why did you choose THIS time and place? Did you choose your parents? If so, why? Sometimes people discover their life’s purpose. Or they get answers to questions or issues that have troubled them for years. Most people find that some behaviors and connections of current friends and loved ones originated in the past. Many get excellent guidance on how to best proceed with current problems in their lives. Often they gain clarity on issues that have stumped or frustrated them, sometimes for decades or an entire lifetime. These results can’t be guaranteed, but this “Between Lives” experience has been exciting and uplifting, even life-changing for the vast majority of our clients.

There will be a minimum of 2 sessions for past life work. The first session is primarily informational, but includes a hypnotic induction and instructions on how to practice self hypnosis prior to the actual past life sessions. This practice is for the benefit of the client. The more familiar the person is with the process of hypnosis, the more informative and productive the actual past life and between lives work will be. The first session will be 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and by itself, would cost $175.

*Past Life sessions themselves usually last for several hours. Be prepared to spend 2-3 hours for each actual past life session: The cost for these sessions run $300 per session. The time each session will take is impossible to determine in advance, as this is based upon the client’s needs and where the past life takes them. When you schedule your appointment, you pay the package price of only $400. (A savings of $75.00) for both sessions. Additional Past life sessions will be priced according to length and difficulty, and will run approximately $300 per session. You may purchase a package of 3 sessions for $650. (This would normally cost you $775)

Hands-on Reiki

We do MORE than the average Reiki treatment for our Reiki Clients. For most sessions, our clients get 2 Reiki Masters for the price of one session. (We are a husband and wife team. We are both Reiki Master Teachers. We often both work on the client at the same time.) We get to know you. We often give one distance healing as a gift with your session.

Reiki sessions:

First Session:

15 minutes of Reiki*  $ 90

– Package of 6= $350, a savings of $65.00.  

– Package of 10 = $550, a savings of $125

Full session**             $120

– Package of 6 =$500, a savings of  $95.00 – this equals one free session!                        (Notice cost of subsequent sessions below)

10 = $825, a savings of $150

Individual Sessions revert to full price** Full session can be anywhere from 45 – 75 minutes

Initial intake session of Reiki includes:

  • In-office session, Evaluation: Talking to us about your issue, pain, or problem
  • 30-45 minute Reiki session
  • This session from start to finish typically, is 1 to 1 1/2 Hours.
  • We sometimes offer, if appropriate, an additional gift of a session: 20 – 30 minute Negative energy release technique -EC

Special! EFT Phone Sessions

We are currently offering a special on EFT sessions by phone.

15 minutes of Phone EFT for $20.00! 
Our Normal rate for a full session is $80.00
Yes, that’s right, a 15-minute session by phone for only 20.00.  Grab 6 for $100!
–  Five minutes to discuss the issue and set up the EFT session, 10 minutes of EFT.
  • work through inferiority feelings
  • make peace with your worst faults
  • forgive yourself or someone else
  • release unpleasant feelings

Pick any one of the above items. Make your appointment today, before this special offer ends!

Custom CDs made to order specifically for YOUR issue, pain, or problem

Oftentimes CDs and MP3s are created on a custom basis for a client. If you have a request for this, please let me know in advance. Without a session, a custom CD costs $190.00, and a custom MP3 costs $175.00, as the work that is done is equal to, or MORE THAN a session would entail. However, depending on the needs of the client and the degree of difficulty, the recordings we make from client sessions cost less.

We offer alternate means of funding, if necessary. Please let us know if you have a need to explore this. Let us know what your problem is, and we will do our best to find a way to work with you.