Learn Self Hypnosis To Achieve Your Goals

Workshop: Intro to Hypnosis and Mindful Meditation: Learn how to hypnotize yourself, and to take yourself into a mindful meditation.

Are you interested in hypnosis and self hypnosis? Do you find the workings of the mind endlessly fascinating? Do you have beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never succeed”, “only the rich get richer”, etc., that prevent you from getting what you want? Do you strive and strive for a goal, only to sabotage yourself just before you reach it? Hypnosis and self hypnosis can help you to replace negative beliefs with empowering positive beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

If you have wondered if hypnosis could help you, this is an easy and comfortable way to find out what it’s all about. In a safe group setting where you don’t have to worry about all the attention being on you.

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Why do people want to learn hypnosis, self hypnosis or mindful meditation? Learn how to easily change self defeating patterns into winning attitudes and actions.

For centuries hypnosis and meditation have been used successfully to improve lives in these ways and many more:

·    Improve On Your Strengths
·    Decrease Your Weaknesses
·    Lose Weight
·    Stop Smoking
·    Easily Eliminate Bad Habits
·    Improve Sports Performance
·    Relieve Stress
·    Learn To Think The Way Successful People Think
·    Decrease Or Completely Eliminate Anxiety, Worry, Fear
·    Become Confident
·    Sleep Better
·    Improve Health
·    Create Winning Attitudes
·    Achieve Your Goals
·    Strengthen Immune System
·    Improve Memory
·    Study Skills
·    End Procrastination
·    End Self Sabotage
·    Relieve Pain
·    Calm And Quiet The Mind
·    Rejuvenation Of Energy
·    Activate Or Improve Creativity
·    Connect To Your Spiritual Self
And the list goes on and on!

Other benefits include:

Did you know that many of the top athletes today practice their mental game as much as their physical game, using self-hypnosis or a hypnotist/coach?

Overall health: Experiments using hypnosis have shown to decrease the action of free radicals that can cause premature damage to tissue and individual cells. Other health benefits include significant cardiovascular improvements (heart rate, blood pressure, coagulation, breathing, etc.). 

Your reactions to stress produce negative chemicals in your body. This can affect your immune system so that it gradually is less able to express the body’s natural healing ability. By practicing self hypnosis, you can reverse this process, reinvigorate your immune system and return to wellness. 

Hypnosis Care in Moreno Valley will be holding a 5 hour workshop: Intro to Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation. Learn how to hypnotize yourself. 

In this single 5 hour workshop, you will learn:

  1. How to go into hypnosis quickly and easily.
  2. How to achieve mindfulness meditation.
  3. The difference between hypnosis and meditation.
  4. What it feels like to be in the state of hypnosis, so you will know when you’re there.
  5. 3 easy methods to achieve self hypnosis whenever you want to.
  6. 3 simple methods to deepen your state of trance.
  7. The best ways to word your personal “programming” in order to achieve your goals or results to create your positive change.
  8. What NOT to do, in order to avoid programming the opposite of what you desire.
  9. How to identify your primary way of processing information and what types of “programming” will then work best for your unique needs.

You will also get a self-hypnosis recording so you can practice effortlessly.

The cost of this 5 hour workshop is $400.00. The benefits are priceless.

To get more information Call 951-488-9168 or email us here. Call or email now to secure your spot, as space is limited!

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