Pain Management

We are excited to announce a powerful NEW workshop, “Don’t suffer in PAIN – Treat Your Pain. Live Your Life” We teach Pain Management using Self Hypnosis and other methods to stimulate your body’s natural ability to relieve pain and to create and maintain wellness.

We know self hypnosis can do this because of our training, and also because one of the presenters himself suffered excruciating pain for well over 2 years, and, using our techniques, which you can learn only from us, has brought his pain level down from an almost constant 10 (on a scale of 1 – 10) to a level that is consistently under 5, and the frequency from 18 – 20 hours every day, down to 20 – 25 hours a week.  The improvement continues to get better and better!

The program gives participants very effective tools to help manage their pain and allow them to remain active. Our program will not replace your doctors care but along with your doctors care will work well to lower pain level without additional drugs.

Participants will receive:

  • in-depth information to help decrease the pain
  • a complimentary copy of our Hypnosis Care relaxation CD (a $20 Value)
  • instruction on how to use self-hypnosis for pain relief
  • interactive discussion of what they experience
  • and will experience and learn how to achieve a hypnotic state to manage pain

Our Program is designed to work in conjunction with regular treatment. The program gives participants very effective tools to help manage their pain and allow them to remain active. To insure that everyone gets the most out of this workshop we are limiting the class size to 20 participants.

We are having our Pain Management workshop at

23846 Sunnymead Blvd., Suite 7 upstairs

Moreno Valley CA on August 30th

Cost is $39.97, reserve your seat now!

Call us today at 951-488-9168 to register

seating is limited


Past Events:

2 Day Reiki Level One Attunement and Practical Learning Event

In a short training of less than 16 hours you can be ready to move from completely untrained to attuned and trained and to being able to actually do healing work. We install the confidence to get you going and with your dedication to the art you can be ready to work with clients in just a matter of weeks. Come join us and see where the energy takes you!

Reiki differs from other healing techniques in that other techniques are taught. Reiki is transferred by the Reiki Master to the student rather than taught. This is called an attunement. We then teach you how to use this new gift.

The body’s natural tendency is good health. When we are ill, or when we break a bone or suffer other injury, the body’s natural course of action is to heal itself. Most of us have not been taught how to facilitate or support this process. You will learn self-healing techniques and how to do hands-on or no-touch healing work with others.

As a Level 1 Reiki Healing Practitioner, you are able to work with yourself or others to facilitate the body’s natural ability to create or return to wellness. If you love helping others, if you enjoy quiet, peaceful work, if you or a family member has ongoing health issues, or if you’re a medical professional wanting to learn energetic techniques, this is the class for you.

You will learn:

  • The history of Reiki
  • How Science has proven that Reiki really works to help the body to heal
  • How to do hands-on Reiki energy work
  • How to place the hands for a short or long session
  • How to balance the client’s chakras
  • How to place the hands for some special circumstances
  • How to give yourself a Reiki treatment
  • Legal considerations
  • What you need to know before you start a practice
  • How to start your own Reiki business

After our students have been attuned to Reiki we offer the opportunity to work with real clients in our offices to practice and gain experience. We also offer the opportunity of scheduling your clients in our offices for a small hourly rate for the use of the offices. To get the best possible pricing and register for this class, click here.

full tuition: 447.00
early bird discount you get 75.00 off
LATE Registration is full price PLUS 80.00

Note: Bring a friend and you each get a 25.00 discount. Bring 10 friends and they each get a 25.00 discount, and you get a total of 250.00 discount!


Past Event: Do let us know if you missed this and REALLY want to attend if it’s repeated! – The Health Revolution

The Health Revolution: learn about an easy, pain-free, non-intrusive fat-melting treatment and how it will change your life!

Event: The Health Revolution

Are you Ready to Change Your Life?

May 14th at 7 PM – Note: Event has passed, but it was wonderful, info-packed and fun! Future similar events are in the planning stage and will be announced as soon as possible. For more info, Call Tracy at 951-488-9168. To get your surprise bonus, be sure to mention this page on when you call!

SEATING IS LIMITED. CALL immediately to reserve your seat! 

Featured Presenters:
Dr. Bobbie Hall, DC., CCSP – Peak Performance Chiropractic
– Hormones and Body Contouring
Bruce and Tracy Bonczyk – Hypnosis Care
– Enhancing the effectiveness of your weight loss program with hypnosis
– Don’t gain that weight back. Use hypnosis to change your eating habits and motivation to get more movement into your life.
Cece Alvarado – Inner Health Care
– Digestion Awareness
Earl Bogan – Pharmanex
– BioPhotonic Scanner
Presenters will talk about i-lipo, and other topics that can aid you in regaining your health. i-lipo is the intelligent, non-invasive, easy, painless alternative to liposuction.
The i-lipo process works much the way exercise does, of opening the fat cells to release some of the contents, making them smaller. This is what happens when you exercise. i-lipo uses low level laser energy to melt the fat inside the body’s fat cells. This doesn’t remove the fat cells, it reduces them instead, the same way that exercise does. There is no pain or swelling and no bruising, in fact users report feeling nothing at all while i-lipo is doing its work! The process turns the fat inside the adipose cells (fat cells) back into fatty acids and glycerol which the body can then use for energy. The result is that i-lipo uses the body’s natural processes to melt stubborn, unwanted body fat without causing any damage to the rest of the body.
This process is commonly used to reduce the size of double chins, belly fat, hips, thighs, arms… most body areas can benefit from this treatment. It causes you to lose weight the same way that you would using a healthy diet and exercise.
Is this fat loss permanent? It isn’t permanent unless you change the habits that created the excess weight in the first place. You need to have a program of exercise and diet that doesn’t put the excess weight back on. Hypnosis can help you to create the new, healthy habits that will maintain your new weight.
  • Learn how hormones affect weightloss!
  • How toxicity affects weightloss!
  • What is the role of antioxidants?
  • Why don’t medical doctors have this information?
  • How important is our digestive system?

Don’t wait until all seats are taken – Call now, reserve your seat.




Classes and Events

Preregistration required for all classes and events
Note: The fastest way to get answers to questions about any of the following is to email me here.



If you’re looking for a new career or life path, you’ll want to check out our upcoming classes and events while you’re here.

  • Do you love helping other people?
  • Are you caring and compassionate?
  • Do you seek spiritual growth? Conscious evolution?
  • Would you enjoy helping others create a deeper connection and relationship with themselves, with others and with their spiritual connections?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then a career in Hypnosis, or in Reiki, (or both) could be just the career you’ve been looking for.



Workshop – Pain management

How to use the power of your mind to decrease your pain



Hypnosis Support for Weight Control

Hypnosis help for:

  • – motivation to become more active
  • – learn to eat healthy, while not denying yourself favorite foods– decrease cravings
  • – much, much more!



Class – Beginning Hypnosis

–  Looking for a new career? Love helping others? Learn how to help others help themselves, using effective techniques that have been used by healers and shamans since the earliest recorded history.

Workshop – Change your mind to change your financial results.

  • Let go of old patterns keeping you poor.
  • Learn new ways of thinking to create the mindset of a wealthy person.

(this will involve hypnosis, NLP, EFT and more… the fastest known methods of removing YOUR blocks to success)

Class – For the hopelessly unsuccessful – Learning how to succeed!

You get things done for anyone and everyone else. However, when it comes to setting goals for things YOU want to accomplish, you find you can’t keep promises you make to yourself. If this is you, this class is FOR you!

Class – Beginning Reiki

Reiki Level 1

–  Looking for a career in the healing arts? Learn how to use universal energy to help others heal themselves.

Class for Clutterers/hoarders

Compassion and caring, for who you are and how it feels to be you, and learning to love and accept yourself just as you are, imperfections and all, while you overcome this issue.

Group Past Life Regression.

Find out if you have lived before, and what that was like. Who were you? What kind of life did you live? Have you known "current" loved ones before? What about enemies? Finding your past lives can show you what patterns you haven’t worked through, and often shows skills you’ve had over and over. Wonderful for spiritual growth.

Hypnosis Care and School of Hypnosis and Reiki

Note: The fastest way to get information about any of the above is to email me here.

23846 Sunnymead Boulevard, Suite 7,
Moreno Valley CA, 92553




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